“Writing is an essential thing in life. Having a community to share our written word is as essential as expressing it on the page. It makes it more real and gives it more depth. This is one of the reasons I’m joining Ezibota, another reason is that by joining this exceptional community it’s like I’m actively joining Africa. North Africa is also part of this continent, even though we are closer to Europe. I hope that as we are putting our pens together for a better Africa, our countries will join together one day for a united continent.

-Khaoula el Otmani

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Meet Khaoula

I’m a writer and techy based in Casablanca, Morocco where I was born and raised. I lived in Istanbul, Turkey for three years, where I studied Information Technology.

My desire is to publish short stories where I convey stories based on people around me whose tales I feel should be told and shared.

My goal is to inspire and help others have a better life.  I’m co-starting a blog to help redefine the work mindset and empower people to take control of their work-life and do jobs they love.

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