“Ezibota presents me with the opportunity to write, but more than that, to tell my stories. As an African who grew up on continent, matured off continent and returned home, I think I have a peculiar perspective on Africanness and its prevailing nuances. I love to express my experiences and thoughts, and Ezibota is the perfect platform to do so on a wider scale. Writing forces me to look outside myself. For every self-evidenced thing I write on, I have to consider what other perspectives reveal. I am excited to learn more about myself through my contributions on Ezibota, and I can’t wait to interact with other members of the community and hear their stories as well.

-Lambert Akwa

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Meet Lambert

I am a Writer and a PR professional based in Accra, Ghana where I was born and raised. Following my training in the curious arts of Journalism at Middlesex University, I moved back to Accra after a five year sojourn in London.

Writing helps me focus my thoughts and emotions into linear streams of conscious expression; which is a good thing given that my mind can be a bit of a jumble sometimes. Other things that help me focus and maintain a healthy grip on reality are soul music, anything Sci-Fi/Fantasy, spicy fried plantains and the sound of rushing water. I am hoping to publish a collection of poems as soon as I find the confidence to be critiqued by the world.

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