“From the meaning behind its name to its mission and goal, Ezibota captivated me right away. In a world where the mainstream media is dominated by few similar players, it’s exhausting to be the consumer. Ezibota brings a much-needed alternative for those who are interested in authentic voices, and as for me, Ezibota presents me with the opportunity to share my journey, explore my writings and my true voice. As an Ethiopian who is far away from home, I am very interested in finding my roots and expanding my knowledge and networks. I have always been searching for a platform where diverse voices are valued, however, Ezibota is a community beyond a platform for storytellers. I joined Ezibota because I want to see my growth as a writer while connecting with those who care about Africans and their stories.

-Redit Wegayehu

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Meet Rediet

I was born and raised in Ethiopia. I have six-years of work-study experience in Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Bulgaria, France, and the U.S. When I’m not researching about political affairs and inclusive economic development, I’m hunting new technologies, writing poems, taking photos and plotting my next trip to a foreign land.

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