“After a serendipitous occurrence last summer, I reconnected with a previously long lost love of mine…Writing! Writing was something I used to do a lot until about 10 years ago when I graduated from the University.

One thing that never left me though was the fact that I would always get these ideas but would neverput them down. That has all changed now with a nationally published essay and a few op-eds in my university’s student newspaper. Now that my love is back, I plan on not letting it go ever again. My intention is to feed and nurture it and hopefully watch it grow and blossom. Hopefully it will blossom into something that will earn the respect and adoration of others. This is why I joined Ezibota.”

-Wasiu Lawal

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Meet Wasiu

I am currently a Ph.D. student in the Earth and Environmental Sciences department working on the development of treatment processes for the removal of contaminants in water. Though born in the U.S., I lived in Nigeria for over 20 years before returning 9 years ago.

I recently completed my term as President of the Graduate Student Senate at my university and am also active in a number of organizations off campus including the American Chemical Society. Currently living in Arlington Texas with my wife and daughter, I’m a big fan Arsenal and the Houston Texans.

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