Sometimes a writer & a techy, other times a dreamer & a wanderer. My top 3 joys in life are good books, great company, and awesome conversations.  I love traveling and meeting new people from other cultures. It’s very interesting to see how our cultures cross and how we become friends through our differences.
I’m an avid reader, I consume a lot of books and articles about topics such as business, productivity, psychology and much more. I also read fiction.

My native language is Arabic (Well, Moroccan) but I speak English almost as much. I also speak French as a second language (which is not a language I particularly enjoy, it was forced in my country after the French colonization). I presumably speak Turkish since I lived there for a while. I also like dabbling in other languages a lot, and so I understand a bit of Spanish and got myself into Korean (Yes, I can read those weird characters).

Because I love interacting with people from all over the globe, I’m reminded time and again that I have a terrible unpronounceable name. However, the fact that it has a great meaning makes it tolerable most of the time. The word means the child of the gazelle, but I was named after a courageous and adventurous woman from the Arabic Islamic history. I aspire to be as fearless and empowered as she was.

I’m trying to use this courage to express myself through writing. I’m excited about the journey I’m starting with Ezibota to make this more true.

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Khaoula El otmani
Khaoula is a writer and a techy. She was born and raised in Morocco. She lived in Istanbul, Turkey for three years studying Information Technology. She’s working her way through to becoming a digital nomad and help people live the lives they love.
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