“Ezibota has truly become a community of people that I love and that love me. Every day I marvel at the support system that I have here, the people who care not only about my work, but also about my wellbeing. This is a testament to the meshwork of connections Ezibota strives to archive.

-Benjamina Dadzie

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Meet Benjamina

I was born in Sekondi (Ghana) and raised in Italy by Ghanaian parents who immigrated to Italy a decade before my birth. Few years ago I found out I can be African (Ghanaian) and Italian at the same time, with no apology. This realisation came after I relocated from Italy to England for university. It came as I was negotiating my identity in a foreign land. I described the challenges of this journey in an online blog – The African-Italian Project; and indeed it served the purpose of making me aware of how many Afro-Italians (Afritalians) and Afropeans are around, and how we are all agents of changing the narrative of becoming who we were already.

I have a degree in Archaeology from the University of Manchester, and I am currently doing a Masters in Museum Studies at the Sainsbury Research Unit for the Arts of Africa, Oceania & the Americas. While here, I have been able to develop my writing skills and English is becoming (almost) my second language.

I love traveling, taking pictures, eating, sleeping, and Afrobeats. When I am not writing, or reading, you can find me on the internets.

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