African history has always been steeped in the art form of storytelling, defined by our unique ability to preserve cultures and traditions by passing stories from generation to generation. It is no wonder then that some of the greatest storytellers in the world today are African and that some of the most compelling stories shared across various modern platforms and mediums narrate the lives and histories of our ancestors and current day heroes.
Books continue to be one of the most effective mediums through which our stories are told and now, more than ever before, the African writer is coming into his/her own in the literary world. African writers today are creating expansive universes and multiverses, boldly tackling “taboo” subjects, exploring fringe genres, and telling everyday stories that are familiar yet fresh and liberating.

Arguably, the resonance comes from the recognition that the African story is interesting with or without the tired contexts of slavery, war, and colonialism. The resonance comes from the recognition that African people are interesting and our stories are worth telling.

At Ezibota we want to celebrate the stories of African people by African writers who are crafting amazing narratives today. Stories about characters, situations, and perspectives that shed light on the wealth of nuance embedded in the African experience. We are a connected people but we experience life and reality in many unique ways. Contemporary African storytelling is carrying on ancient tradition by framing our experiences and presenting them on a global scale.

In celebrating our history, present, and future, this quarter [July, August, and September] let’s create dialogue that encourages authenticity and equips an informed and empowered audience. Which African storytellers today are showcasing unique perspectives in ways that move you? What make an African story authentic? Who is an authentic African writer that you admire? How do we balance stories of prosperity and stories of struggle? Let’s get into it! Share your thoughts and join the conversation.

All posts dedicated to this quarter’s theme will be tagged “Contemporary African Stories.”

Lambert Akwa
Lambert is a Communications Specialist and writer based in Accra, Ghana. He lived in the United Kingdom for five years studying Journalism and Publishing at Middlesex University.
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