Want to join the conversation? Submit a guest post.
A guest submission is a one time original piece written by you for publication on Ezibota.com. Submitting a guest post to the Ezibota platform will provide you with the opportunity to:
(1) share your voice on a global scale
(2) participate in an organized discussion with other Africans and members of the diaspora
(3) connect with others who seek to share their experiences with you as a result of reading your contribution, and
(4) potentially engage in dialogue about the cultures and traditions of African nations from all regions of the continent with other young Africans across the globe.
To submit a guest post simply send your submission in word format to info@ezibota.com with the subject line “Guest Submission” along with the title of your submission. With your written submission include a high quality cover image (optional), photo credit for your cover image’s original source (if you include one) as well as proper image credit for any additional images used. In addition to a short bio written in third person, include a clear image of yourself as well as your contact information (e-mail and social media links). Please be sure to include all of the aforementioned components or we will not be able to accept your submission.
Ideally we would  love to accept all guest submissions, however to ensure that all submissions  benefit our collective community there may be some posts we cannot publish, therefore we reserve the right to reject submissions that do not align with our mission and/or vision. In addition, we reserve the right to reject submissions that are of unworkable quality, plagiarized, or contain images that are not properly credited.
Please be aware that Ezibota publications go through an editing process, therefore all submissions are subject to editing which may address grammar, spelling, sentence structure, clarity, and image appropriateness. Typically we are unable to publish content that has been published elsewhere, so most accepted guest submissions are original works published for the first time on Ezibota.com.