In his work, Jacob Olupona, professor of African Religious Traditions and African and African American Studies, discusses the role of religion, culture, and society and how these structures permeate our every day lives. He argues in several publications that African indigenous religions have fallen out of favour to Christianity and Islam, with a fellowship of 40% against 10%.

Although it is difficult to gauge a definite number, presently, there are people moving from the religions of the Book – that is Christianity and Islam – toward indigenous religions. It appears that this movement and conversion of faith stems from a dissatisfaction and lacking of personal agency with religions like Christianity, and how it manifests itself within society.

This quarter we will discuss how culture informs our faith and how religion influences us on a personal level and as a larger society. More broadly, we’ll explore what our faiths mean to us and how can religion can be negotiated in a space where cultural and societal responsibilities intertwine.

All posts dedicated to this quarter’s theme will be tagged “Culture Religion Society.”

Benjamina Dadzie
Benjamina is a Ghanaian born Italian, currently living in Manchester, England. She’s the editor of The African-Italian Project, an online blog through which she shares her story.
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