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Tell me… Are you successful? In answering that question, would guides your “Yes,” “No,” “I’m not sure,” “or “It depends.”? Where does your success come from, where does it not come from? How do you define success? Is your definition most reflective of the society in which you live, the family to which you belong, or the corners of your own mind, the personal philosophies you cultivate and groom on a daily basis? What does it feel like to not be successful? What does it sound like? Do your family and friends circle around you in an uplifting manner or are you shunned due to shame and embarrassment?

This quarter we are defining what success feels and looks like for young Africans. We’re exploring the balance of finding success in various aspects of life. Must relationships suffer in order to pursue career ambitions? How do you cope with disappointing a parent or loved one who doesn’t share your definition of success? Let’s define success for yourselves, and confront the expectations that emerge from not only our personal values, but from the values that have been imposed upon us since our early years as children. Think of success creatively, think of it concretely. How has your relationship with success guided you up until now?

All posts dedicated to this quarter’s theme will be tagged “Defining Success”

Beulah Osueke
Beulah received her M.A. Clinical Psychology in May 2015. She currently works as the Director of Communications for a non-profit organization in Philadelphia. Beulah's commitment to connecting Africans in the Diaspora with one another is the driving force behind her founding efforts in building Ezibota.
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