We’re introducing a new series! Ezibota Roundtable is an iteration of our past Community Chats, hosted once a month by Ezibota members. Roundtable discussions provide an opportunity to expand conversation on topics relevant to Ezibota as a community and the African diaspora as a whole. We’re going beyond surface talk which, although important, does not allow the depth and level of engagement required to truly listen, learn, and respond effectively. 

We’ve selected Roundtable leaders that time and time again have displayed their support and belief in our vision of connecting and empowering the global African community. Members include, Ijeoma, Kalkidan, Paulos and Vincent. Leaders will host a chat on the first Saturday of every month at 1:30 PM ET on a topic of their choosing.

“The small talks of the Ezibota Roundtable will be the foundation of more broad discussions for young Africans online,” -shared Ezibota member and Roundtable leader, Vincent.

Ezibota has hosted live video discussions on an array of topics since 2014. Through our Roundtable Discussion, members will continue to engage in conversation on specific topics relevant to their lived experiences. Our discussions, as usual, will be hosted LIVE via Google Hangouts and viewable on the YouTube platform. Viewers are encouraged to join in on the conversation via Twitter by using #EziChat to share questions, thoughts or ideas. Viewers can also engage in conversation with other members watching the conversation LIVE on our Roundtable discussion homepage.  

“The whole African/African-African American/African diaspora debate is endless… One thing that is true is that culture connects us all. The more we know of each other’s culture, the more connected we are with each other” -shared @JJ_Bola via Twitter on the topic of conversation within community.

The Ezibota Roundtable is a safe space for both controversial and familiar subject matter to be discussed amongst young Africans. We invite you to join us and share your thoughts throughout this iteration as we continue to improve and expand how we as a community connect with one another.

Our next Roundtable discussion will take place on Saturday, May 7 @ 1:00 PM. Join us as we change the way young Africans interact with their identity, heritage, and one another!

Deana Bolumbu
speaker | entrepreneur| hoarder of words |exploring my permanence
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