Global movement and exploration is of great interest to me and I am sure to a lot of our readers at Ezibota. We would all like to see as much of the world as we can in our lifetime, and live in a world that facilitates ease of global movement. With the level of focus on the global “migrant crisis,” last year saw an increase in the sort of rhetoric that frames global movement by oppressed peoples in a very singular and negative light.

Africa was a major player in the narrative that framed the so-called crisis. Looking back at the year, it was not uncommon to hear very surfacey stories of Africans risking long treks across the continent in order to make the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean, and then categorised as illegal immigrant, squatter and so on. To a notable extent, global reactions have been frantic and erratic. As the dust settles, we will hopefully begin to consider the human stories hidden by propaganda more in depth.

Hopefully in this new year, we can begin to see a world where global movement and safety is not the exclusive to those who can afford it, but which considers the Earth-space we live in as an actual refuge for humans who need it the most.

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Lambert Akwa
Lambert is a Communications Specialist and writer based in Accra, Ghana. He lived in the United Kingdom for five years studying Journalism and Publishing at Middlesex University.
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