And the earth weeps.
For all this blood you spill.
She does not want any of it.
Take it back, put it into your child.
Let your sons and daughters keep their veins under their skin.
Let there be no holes in you.
She keeps it on surface.
Says, look at it.
This is you.
This is your doing.
I will not hide your blood like i did Abel’s.
Hiding Cain’s shame.
The earth, she don’t want none of it. Keep your hate to yourself.
Do not soil and defile me.
Have you ever seen a mother that licks her lips to the tears of her child? I do not want any of it, she cries.
If you must shoot, shoot for the stars. Aim a cloud higher to reach divine grace.
Ascend down to the earth and with every step,
step with peace, step with justice, step with forgiveness, step with kindness.
Let there be no skin wars or oil wars.

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