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Our monthly chats are an opportunity for young Africans to meet and connect with one another through organized discussion about current events and subject matter relevant to their experiences.

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Laughs, opinions, tears, frustrations… It’s all here. Our pieces extend from current events to personal journeys. Enter our minds as we share our stories in navigating the world as young Africans.

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Contribute to our development if you share our vision of a connected and empowered global African community and would like to play an active role in bringing this vision to fruition.

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An ideal community consists of creative minds fusing without any restrictions. I'd like to connect with readers, writers, and people from interesting walks.

Nathan Mugos, Ezibota Member

Ezibota is a challenge to affirm what we have to offer to the world and the different facets of our cultural awareness as young Black men and women. With Ezibota I feel connected with people to whom our different voices matter.

Benjamina Dadzie, Ezibota Member

I want to connect with any and everyone. For in the least of these voices you could find your catalyst! My ideal community is a place where all voices are heard.

Vincent Chukwuemeka, Ezibota Member

Ezibota is about bridging gaps across continents, a space where community is put first. Where people across the globe can sit behind their screen and feel connected to another person that is based thousands of miles away.

Sumaya Ugas, Ezibota Member
Nathan<br />


From Eritrea living in Norway

Benjamina<br />


From Ghana living in England

Vincent<br />


From Nigeria living in the U.S.

Sumaya<br />


From Somalia living in Canada

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